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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 85

Bill Name: HF2168

HF 2168

Hemp industry development and regulation provided, possession and
cultivation of industrial hemp defense provided, and definition of marijuana


Section 1: Definitions provided including
"associated rules".

Section 2: Duties of commissioner language is

Section 3: Civil liability - a person regulated by this chapter is
civilly liable for any violation of one of those statues or associated rules by
the person's employee or agent.

Section 4: Access and entry language is

Section 5: Purpose of entry language is modified.

Section 6: Notice
of inspection samples and analyses language is modified.

Section 7: Inspection
requests by others language is modified.

Section 8: Enforcement required
language is modified.

Section 9: Commissioner's discretion language is

Section 10: Agent for service of process language is

Section 11: False statement or record language is modified.

12: Cancellation of registration, permit, license, or certification language is

Section 13: Service of order or notice language is modified.

Section 14: Unsatisfied judgments language is modified.

Section 15: Crediting
of penalties, fees, and costs language is modified to include industrial

Section 16: General violation language is modified.

Section 17:
Controlled substance offenses language is added.

Section 18: Short title
modified to "Industrial Hemp Development Act".

Section 19: Purpose - to promote
the state economy and agriculture industry by permitting the development of a
regulated industrial hemp industry while maintaining strict control of

Section 20: Definitions are provided.
Subdivision 1.
Subdivision 2. Commissioner
Subdivision 3. Industrial hemp
Subdivision 4.

Section 21: Industrial hemp authorized as agricultural crop language

Section 22: Licensing language provided.

Section 23: Industrial hemp
production and notification language provided.

Section 24: Rulemaking - the
commissioner shall promulgate rules dealing with: supervising/inspecting
industrial hemp during its growth and harvest, testing industrial hemp during
growth to determine tetrahydrocannabinol levels, assessing fee, using results of
background check, etc.

Section 25: Fees - any fee collected under this chapter
must be credited to the industrial hemp account established in the agricultural
fund in the state treasury.

Section 26: Defense for possession of marijuana
language is provided.

Section 27: Marijuana language is amended to read,
"Marijuana does not include industrial hemp as defined in section

Section 28: Wild hemp language is amended to read, "Wild hemp does not
include industrial hemp grown by a person licensed under chapter 18K".

29: Effective date provided.

SNA 2/26/08