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Legislative Session number- 85

Bill Name: SF0238

5E " Freedom to Breathe Act of 2007"; modifying the definition of displaced
worker to include an individual permanently separated from employment in a
restaurant, bar or lawful gambling organization between certain dates due to
implementation of any state law prohibiting smoking; establishing public policy
to protect employees and the general public from the hazards of secondhand
smoke; modifying certain provisions under the clean indoor air act; defining
indoor area, places of employment and public transportation and modifying the
definitions of public place and smoking; prohibiting smoking in places of
employment, public transportation and public meetings; requiring family home or
group family day care providers to disclose to parents or guardians of children
cared for on the premises of the existence of smoking on the premises outside
the hours of operation; expanding the prohibition on smoking in health care
facilities to licensed residential facilities for children and modifying the
prohibition on smoking in health care facilities and clinics, authorizing
smoking by patients in locked psychiatric units under certain conditions;
authorizing smoking in public transportation vehicles used for personal use by
the driver, passengers disclosure requirement; strengthening the responsibility
of proprietors in charge of public places to prevent smoking; authorizing
smoking in scientific studies, traditional native American ceremonies, private
homes, residences, automobiles, hotels and motel rooms, tobacco products shops,
heavy commercial vehicles, farm vehicles and construction equipment, family
farms, disabled veterans rest camp and theatrical productions; specifying
penalties for violations; authorizing local governments to enact more stringent
measures; requiring the gambling control board in cooperation with the
commissioner of revenue to study the impact of a statewide smoking ban in public
places on lawful gambling, requiring report to the legislature by a certain
date; requiring the job skills partnership board to enable the dislocated
worker program to provide services to employees of bars, restaurants and lawful
gambling organizations becoming unemployed as a result of new smoking
regulations; repealing the provision authorizing the designation of smoking
areas in public places
(Ch. 82, 2007)